Sunday, June 29, 2008

In the doghouse at dog beach

This morning, we all headed off to the lakefront for our Sunday morning jog. I was a bit confused as we didn't run to the lake, but we drove up there. Then, once we were finished jogging, we didn't get into the car, but we headed over to DOG BEACH! Woo Hoo! I was so excited. There were lots of dogs at the beach including two other Airedales!
I hit the lake as soon as I could. Ah, how I've missed you my friend!
I played and played and ran around and swam, but I wouldn't play with my new aqua boomerang that we brought with us. I found everyone else's toys so much better. Even if I have the same one at home and don't play with it, I wanted it this morning.
This ball wasn't mine
This toy wasn't mine either...he he
I love playing with other dogs toys!
Uh oh, I got stuck in a time out due to bad behavior. I wouldn't come when called and kept stalking everyone else's toys. Dad, please let me go, my friends are all in the water.
Mom, will you let me go? Don't you love me?
So, the evil people were convinced I wasn't going to behave, so they packed me up to go home.
Note from Kirby's Mom: Kirby was released after his time out and he ran off and jumped all over a little boy who was so scared of him. Kirby knows better than to jump on anyone, but he was super hyper and we knew it was time to go home and relax.
Here's hoping you don't end up in the dog house when you are at the dog beach. It really sucks!!
'Till next time,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day at the dog park

Yesterday it was just lovely here in the windy city, so mom and dad took me to the dog park to burn off some excess energy. As soon as I get to the park I go straight to the dog fountain and drink a ton of water. If you look closely, you can see it dripping off of my beard. He he!
It was a perfect day at the park, not too many dogs and there was room to play fetch!
Before I played fetch, I needed to get some more water. Mom says this is a recurring thing with me at the park. I play a bit, get some water, play some more then get more water. Before I drink, I like to freshen up the bowl by splashing the old water out.
The sprinkler was on since it was so nice out. I like to lay in the water, but hate going under the sprinkler. I will ONLY do this if I'm super hot. Mom thinks this is weird since I love to swim, but don't like to go by the sprinkler.
Oh no! My ball rolled by the sprinkler. How am I ever going to get when it's over there?
Thank goodness for Dads that will brave the evil sprinkler to rescue a ball! Back in my jaws, exactly where it belongs!
Dad and I like to play fetch. Sometimes Dad will throw the ball, sometimes he kicks it. Here, he totally faked me out with a fake kick. I'm off and running and he hasn't moved the ball at all yet.
Nothing beats a day at the dog park. Oh, kudos to my dog park, Puptown, for winning a $2,500 grant from Purina Dog Chow. The money is going towards putting in a puppy/small dog barrier along the existing fence. Lots of small pups can squeeze through the fence posts and get out. My park is just a stones throw from Lake Shore Drive, a VERY busy eight lane road, so this barrier is a wonderful thing! ' Till next time,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New 'dale blogging

Hey everyone, I met a new Airedale blogger the other day! This is Delilah and her blog is Sweet Delilah Blue. If you get a chance, please swing by her blog and welcome her to the wonderful world of dog blogging.
Wow, another blogging Airedale. I feel like we're taking over. He he!!

'Till next time,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

I just wanted to send out a big Happy Fathers Day to my main man, my Dad!

Dad has watched over me from the start. He protected me when I was a wee pup and scared of the other big dogs.
He works from home so I can go on walkies whenever I need, and sometimes he lets me work with him!
Dad always helps me hurry along Moms super long photo sessions. He says we guys need to stick together.
Dad, you taught me to swim even though you don't like swimming very much.
You always have time to play with me and my toys. I especially like when you swing me around!
You don't even mind when I try to steal a sip or two of beer. He he!
Thanks for all you've done for me Dad! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I'm sorry for eating the corner off of your card. It just looked so yummy!
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, Uncles etc... out there!! I hope you all get lots of treats and licks today!

'Till next time,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

International Goody Exchange and Grandparents

Hey Pals, I'm finally back home. Actually, I got back on Monday night, but Mom has been a bit slow at blogging. What can you expect from a human, huh?
While I was gone at my Grandparents, my International Goody Exchange package from Niamh arrived! Woo Hoo!
I just knew this package was for me and I was trying to chew the darn thing open. Why do we have these crazy paws that can't open anything?!!
To keep me from eating the whole box, Mom stepped in and cut it open. I immediately dug in!! Mom's picture taking isn't as fast as me, as by the time she took this picture, I had already taken something out of the box. He he!!
Away I went with my super cool new tug/chew toy.
I took my new toy over to my bed where I started in on the tag (which Mom promptly removed) and then tried to break open the tennis ball in the middle. Man, can I say what a strong tennis ball that is? I've been chewing for two days and have been unable to break it. Grrrr....
Mom decided to show me what else was in the package. Foodables!! So yummy! I got a bag of natural chicken treats which are so delish!
I also got a bag of lamb fillet squares. Trust me pals, these are to die for!! I actually ripped the bag open and stole a few out!
Mom managed to snap one picture of me with all my treats and the beautiful card Niamh included. Thank you so much Niamh, I love all of my treats and toys. You were so very generous and caring!!!!
Also, a huge thank you to Mr. T-Bone Beasley and Chef for organizing the International Goody Exchange. I think it was a HUGE success. You two and your families were the BEST for organizing this!!!
My weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's was so much fun. I played for hours with Angel and Jordan the Golden Retrievers that live next to my Grandparents. I even got Spencer, their 12 year old Airedale to play a bit. He usually wants nothing to do with me. Of course, Grandma didn't take any pictures, she doesn't realize how important these are to my blog, so all I can do is share what we did. I had tons of walkies with both Grandparents and I played a ton with my Uncle John. Whenever I got hot, I would just run on down to the lake and jump in and cool off. I also spent a ton of time in the neighbors horse barn. They let me come with during the horsies feeding time and I got to chase the barn cats around!
We had one major incident during the weekend. On Saturday, a tornado came right across the street from my Grandparents house. Over the years there have been several close calls, but never have they seen an actual tornado, until Saturday. Uncle John and Grandma saw it out in the farm field and they watched as it came closer. Grandma gathered me and Spencer up and we all went into the basement. Grandpa even came down with us (Mom says in all her years he NEVER took cover during a tornado warning). Uncle John watched out the window as the tornado crossed the field and stayed along the road a couple acres up from the house. Then it split into two twisters before regrouping and heading further down the road. Grandma and Grandpa were very lucky as they had NO damage to their house or land. A few of the houses and barns down the street had some damage, but nothing major. We were all so happy that there was minimal damage and no injuries, but I never, never want to go through that again! OMD, I survived a tornado! WOAH!
I thought I'd share a picture Mom took of Spencer when she picked me up. Looks like Mr. Mature 12 year old decided to be BAD. Once a digger always a digger. He he! He doesn't even try to look embarrassed for getting caught while digging.
I hope you are all doing well, and I'll be out to your blogs to see what you've all been up to real soon!!

'Till next time,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Off to Grandma's house

Hi Pals,

I'm loaded up into the car and heading off to Grandma & Grandpa's house for the weekend.
Mom and Dad are heading up to Minneapolis for the weekend, so I'm spending some quality time with my grandparents. I'll just have to make do with swimming in their lake and running all over their ten acres. Life sure is tough for this dog. I'll see you all on Monday when I'm back and blogging!

'Till next time,


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