Monday, August 25, 2008

My Pawlimpic Wrap-up

As we come to the close of the 2008 DWB Paw-Limpics, I have to say how much fun I've had over the past two weeks. Every day, I would eagerly check out Lenny's blog to see who the lucky winners were. How humbled I was to see that I had metaled multiple times. It was such an honor to represent the great state of Illinois in this exciting event! A huge thank you goes out to the judges for seeing past the silly fool that I am and finding the champion inside of me! A GIGANTIC thank you goes out to Lenny and his wonderful Mom for organizing this PAWSOME event. Mom and I had the best time and we just can't thank you enough!! Here is a quick recap of what I was able to accomplish:






CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part in this wonderful contest. We are all winners! Woooo hoooo!!!! See you all in Vancouver in 2010!!

'Till next time,


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Air Show Sunday

Just before lunch today, Mom put on my 'flames' bandanna and said lets go, we're off to the Chicago Air & Water Show. She said it was the 50th anniversary of the show, so it was supposed to be really good. Now, I don't care too much about planes, but I saw Mom slip a bully stick into her bag, so I was fine with wherever we were going and whatever we were doing. We walked up to the lakefront, so I was feeling fine after that nice long walkie! Mom found a nice shady spot where we could spread out and relax and enjoy the show. Then the waiting began. We waited nearly an hour for the first plane to come by us. While we waited we enjoyed a picnic, yeah sandwiches!
Then the planes began, there were really cool transport planes, and old time planes, then the F-22 Raptor came by. Woooh, that thing is loud, but so cool! It can just float in the air and flip around. Mom and Dad were so impressed, they had never seen anything like it.
After the raptor, the waiting game began again. Mom didn't want to leave until she saw the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, so we waited and waited. See, we did a lot of waiting cuz we were at Montrose Harbor, which is a few miles down the road from North Avenue Beach where the majority of the planes show their tricks. Only the super fast planes that need LOTS of air space come further north. We don't mind, cuz we wanted to avoid the 2 million plus people that would be closer to the beach. That's way too many people for this pooch! To keep me occupied while we waited, I GOT MY BULLY STICK! Woooh hoooh!!

So, I sat and happily munched. Then, there was a loud sound that scared me so much, that I left my bully and ran over to Mom. Mom sat there and clapped, apparently the Blue Angels had arrived, and they were LOUD! Each time they passed over, I got so scared.

I made Mom attach a video, you might not hear the sound so well, but take it from me, it was loud.

As soon as they were done, I was more then ready to leave. Mom had to pick up my bully and bring it home. I was that scared, I couldn't finish my bully! Can you believe it? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and didn't have to suffer through loud noises!

'Till next time,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a day!

I was so relived to see the update from Jackson's P's that he did well during surgery and was resting in intensive care. The next few days are still very critical, so let's keep our paws cross the zen flowing and the positive thoughts and prayers going strong! If we all keep barking loud and wishing on the dog star this strong little guy will be home for his birthday on Friday! We are all behind you Jackson. Keep on fighting!!

So, after hearing about Jackson's good surgery, I was on cloud nine and was even happier when I found out that I had won the GOLD MEDAL in Lenny's Pawlimpics Swimming (Aquatics) contest. Congratulations to me fellow winners, Asta and Asta-Marie. I love winning with the ladies!
I am absolutely loving the Pawlimpics. I think it's better than the actual Olympics. Woof Woof!
To top it all off, my Aire-pal Bogart honored me with this wonderful award! Thank you so much Bogart. I do hope we can be Blogging Friends Forever!!

This card has some rules on re-passing it:-

1. Only five people allowed.

2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

So, I'm going to pass this one on to: Noah, Keeley, Lenny, Mr. T-Bone Beasley and Huskee Boy!

If you've already received this award, just think of this as even more love!!

'Till next time,


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Westfest 2008

This weekend was the annual Westfest in the trendy West Town neighborhood of Chicago. Since they have a section just for dogs called Petfest, we decided to check it out. We did go last year, but heard this year was bigger and better, so we were excited! Well, my personal opinion was that it was a bust, and Mom and Dad agreed. There were lots of doggies there, but very little things for dogs to do. They had a few swimming pools for the pooches to cool off in and an optional dog wash section (no thanks, thank goodness Mom had just put on my flea and tick preventative just before we left). Other than that there were a handful of dog store booths, but nothing great. We were all disappointed. Here are few pics we took.

The pool was nice and cool, but I am used to something bigger to swim in, like a lake. He he!
I figured since I couldn't swim in it, I would drink out of it. Ahh, so refreshing!
We met so many dogs, and Mom kept forgetting to take pictures, but she did manage to whip the camera out for this guy. I first walked past and then came in for a closer look. Mango? Mango, is that you?
You sure do look like my relentlessly huge pal, Mango. This guy, while super huge was so nice. Mom loved petting him. He just sat there like a good boy and let Mom pet him and give him a hug.

So, while not a great festival, I did have a good time meeting all of the dogs, Mom bought me a new collar and I got to share Mom's taco with her. Mmmmmmm, yummers! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to catch up on my Olympic coverage.

'Till next time,

Monday, August 4, 2008

International Bone Relay for the Paw-Limpics

I'm so proud to be taking part in the 2008 Dogs with Blogs Paw-Limpics International Bone Relay. I'm so excited to be the only dog representing the great state of Illinois! I'm hoping to bring home some gold!! You have to go to Lenny's blog and check out the full bone relay, it is so PAWSOME! Special thank you to Lenny and his Mom for running this wonderful contest!

'Till next time,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ice Cream!

Last night while we were out and about for out walkie, Mom and Dad stopped off at Margie's Candies and Ice Cream, a Chicago summertime favorite! Mom went in and ordered some frozen treats for her and Dad and one scoop of vanilla in a cup for me. Well you can understand Mom's shock when they handed her HUGE waffle cone with multiple scoops of vanilla in it. Mom explained that she needed a cup of ice cream, so they emptied the cone contents into a cup. Oh dog, I got lots and lots of ice cream let me tell you!

Mom and Dad made me wait for a minute before they would hand me the cup of ice cream. Apparently I was getting a bit over excited. He he! I was licking my chops in anticipation of the cool yummyness that was awaiting me.

Finally, they put the cup of ice cream down! Ahhhh, so cold, so yummy, this is what heaven is like, right? Mmmmmmmmmmm...

More mmmmmmmmmm, Mom get that camera away from me, I'm trying to eat here!
Is that it? Is it all gone? Dad, you look like you have some in your cone still? Care to share some of that shake Mom?
All in all, what a delicious treat. Mom wanted to point out the telltale signs of a well enjoyed treat. Notice the ice cream left in the beard. That's for a late night snack. And of course there is the ice cream remnants on the nose. Eventually my tongue made its way up there and all bits of ice cream disappeared!
I sure hope you all get some ice cream this weekend. It really does make a hot summer day so much better.

'Till next time,


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