Monday, September 29, 2008

X-Ray Results

So, the x-rays are in and for the most part, all is well. My hips are really good according to my wonderful vet. It looks like I have a bit of cartilage or something in my soft tissue on my right hind leg, which was along the lines of what my Chiro Vet thought. This will require a bit of hydro therapy, which I'm all for. I'm always up for swimming!
This x-ray of my spine caused some hmmmm's in the vets office today. Apparently, one of my lumbar's or something doesn't look exactly perfect. A bunch of vets looked at it and no one could say it is a problem, but no one was 100% that it wasn't something wrong, so off my x-ray went for an Orthopedic consultation. Apparently, it could be how I was positioned for the x-ray, but my hard working vet wants to make sure we rule everything out. We should hear back from the Orthopedic by Thursday, so once they let us know, I'll let you all know.
Other than that, Mom had found a 'mass' on my butt, and my vet looked it over and informed Mom that it was a zit. Can you believe it? I've got a pimple on my butt! Ha ha ha!!!

Well, I'm off to rest. I had to be sedated for the x-rays, and I'm a bit tired still.

'till next time,


Sunday, September 28, 2008

PAWS Walk 2008

Thank you to all of my friends who expressed concerns over my leg and x-rays tomorrow. I'm not in any pain, none at all! My agility instructor didn't like how I was not jumping correctly, and wanted me evaluated before they pursued an aggressive jumping regimen for me. As long as my x-rays tomorrow are clean, I'll do a bit of water therapy to strengthen my lesser used hind leg and I should be better than ever in no time! Now, onto the fun from today!!

Today was the PAWS 'Run For Their Lives' 4K walk. We got to the park nice and early and checked out all of the vendors booths and got some free goodies. Got to love Petco and their free Frisbees!
There were over 4,000 runners and walkers, so it was WAY crowded. The start of the run was delayed, so that pushed back the walk start, so needless to say, there was lots and lots of waiting.
Still waiting. When is this walk gonna get going? I guess, I can waste some time sniffing the other dogs around me!
Finally, we are off and walking. In the past, we've gotten stuck in the back of the pack and couldn't go very fast, so we were right in front this year and were moving at a great pace!
Wooo hooo! This is great. I love the course they had planned, as it is my usual lakefront run course, so I was very familiar with it. Oh, Mom dressed me in my Cubs bandanna for the day. Dad says that I've got to represent. Go Cubbies!
When we finished the walk, we hit the food tent. While Mom and Dad gorged on delicious looking Krispy Kremes and Ann Sather cinnamon rolls (if you are ever in Chicago, you must have one of these, so yummy)! Since I am on a weight loss program, there was no yummers for me. Only some banana, oh boy.

We made our way back to the vendor tents to see if we missed anything, and guess who I saw? It is my most favorite Veterinarian in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Dr. Marks! And she had her super pawsome pug with her. His name is Clyde and he is super, super cool! Clyde and I were having a blast playing. Clyde is a tough little dude and let me tell you, he was wailing on me. Those little pooches are mighty strong! I had a great time playing with you Clyde, I'm sending licks out to you bud!
Of course, I had to get a picture with the greatest vet ever! Dr. Marks, I'll give you tons of kisses when I see you tomorrow!
It was a wonderful day. Plenty of dogs, lots of cat owners representing their kitties with buttons with their pictures, and some treats (not too many though). Best of all, over $277,000.00 was raised to help the homeless dogs of Chicago. Mom especially likes helping PAWS, since they are a no-kill shelter. Thank you to all of our friends and family that helped to support our walk today. 100% of your donations went to PAWS!! WOOO HOOOO!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are in for a even better week ahead!

'till next time,


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chiropractor Visit

NOTE: Mom forgot the camera, so she didn't get any pictures of the super cool doggie rehab place.
Yesterday, I had my appointment with the doggie chiropractor. Since I've been dropping my hind legs on my jumps in agility, Mom and my teacher wanted to see what was going on. During my consultation, they made me jump over the jumps they have on site and sure enough, I kept clipping the bar or knocked it off. The doctor did not like what she was seeing, so I was taken back and examined. They moved all my limbs, worked my spine and measured me all over. They found that my right legs aren't as conditioned as my left, especially my right hind leg.

So, at this point they are thinking it is a soft tissue issue, but they want me to get a new set of x-rays done of my hips. My last set was taken when I was just about a year old and my growth plates were still open. Monday morning I'm off to my regular vets office for the x-rays. If the x-rays confirm what Dr. Mayer (my Chiro Vet) thinks and it is just soft tissue, then I'm in for some hydro therapy! Wooo hooo, that means as it gets too cold to swim around here, I'll be swimming to strengthen my leg each week. I'll let you all know how it goes...

Tomorrow, I'm participating in the annual PAWS 'Run For Their Lives' 4K walk. I'm super excited, as there are always a ton of doggies and I have so much fun. I'll make sure Mom brings here camera, so you can all see how much fun it was!

'till next time,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not up to much

So, I feel the need to apologize for my absence from the blogging world. We weren't on vacation, we weren't busy, nope, Mom was just being LAZY! If only I could type with these furry paws!! While Mom was busy being lazy, I didn't do too much. I had my last agility class at The Barking Lot. I'm now moving up to the next level, so I've switched to a new location, but same teacher. The new place has more equipment and space, so I can finally learn the teeter and weave poles! Wooo hooo!
Here I am at graduation day, trying to look nice, so someone will give me a treat! It was sad to say goodbye to my pals in the class, but I'm ready to make more friends and do more agility!

My teacher did notice that I'm not jumping over the jumps with my hinders correctly (never really have in the last year of agility), so before she works me really hard on the jumps, I've got to get checked out by a dog chiropractor! Can you believe it? Hopefully, everything will be OK and they'll say what Mom always says, that I'm just being lazy.
Mom's been thinking I'm getting a bit chunky, so she's increased my exercise. We go running a couple of times a week, we go for really long walks and over the weekend, I got to go swimming at dog beach! I LOVE to swim, it is so much fun, but so is socializing with every dog at the beach! He he! Dad and Mom must have tossed my orbee out deep 100 times. It never gets old!
When not chasing my orbee, I like to paddle around. No life jacket needed at this beach!
More ball time, can't get enough!
Mom, get the camera out of my face! I'm trying to play here!!
What is great about the orbee is that it not only floats, but you can make it sink and it POPS right back up at you. This is a game that I love to play!!
Finally Mom and Dad said it was time to leave, so since I am very conscious of my environment, I gave back to the lake after drinking so much water from it (yes, I still squat. I never learned to lift my leg)!
Wait, this isn't home. My evil parents took me to get a BATH before we went home! Grrrrrrr, this was not supposed to happen. When I have to be bathed, Mom and Dad take me to Soggy Paws, where they start every self bath with a doggy facial. I have to admit that I like the facial. Mom even bought the facial wash to help keep the ol' beard nice and clean.
Hey, Dad, we've had this discussion before, WATCH where you are spraying that stuff.
I hope you've all been well, I'm working on hitting all my pals blogs to say HI! If I haven't been by yet, I promise to swing by this week.
'Till next time,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend at the park

This weekend, we went to my park for a bit of play time. Although it was cool out, they still had my nemesis, the sprinkler, out. Here I am staring it down, letting IT know who's boss.
Of course my ball constantly rolled right up to the sprinkler, which is waaaay frustrating. It is so hard to get your ball out without getting wet.
I met this big guy who was up for a bit of bitey face. I'm always game, so let's play!
Hello my friend, let's say Hi to my jaws!
Woah there fella, what are you up to? I told you I was not down with this. Not cool man!
Ah, just another weekend at the park, with all the usual craziness that goes along with it. I just wish I could go once and not get humped (from the front or back). He he!

'till next time,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I did over Labor Day Weekend

It was another holiday weekend spent up at the cottage in Michigan! That means lots of boating, swimming and playing with my cousins! As soon as we were unpacked, we grabbed our cooler and headed to the boat. I assumed my normal position of riding up top! Mom, of course pulled me down while we were moving and only lets me up to my perch when we are docked. Stupid Mom!
My cousin Layla came along for the ride. She was recently 'fixed' so we were making sure she wasn't licking at her stitches. Check out her super cool bandanna! Her Dad is a police officer and she is proudly supporting Illinois Vest-A-Dog, a super cool group that raises money and donates bullet and stab resistant vests for K-9 Police Dogs! Yeah!!
When you're on the water all day, it can get a bit boring, so a good nap is highly recommended.
Once the boat docks, I'm off and running, back into the water that is! I jump off the shore into the water and beg for Mom and Dad to throw my toy. Once I get my jaws on it, I'm not likely to give it back. He he!
I feel practicing my Michael Phelps like swimming strokes is very important, but even more important is keeping my toy in my mouth while I swim!
Nothing beats a good game of tug. I absolutely REFUSE to give my toy to Dad. Even though he wants to throw it for me, no way, tug sounds like more fun now!!
Hmmm, where did my toy go? Dad, which way did you toss it?
Ahhhh, peach and tranquility. I've got my toy back!
I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. I'm not looking forward to winter, but will enjoy the remains of summer and then the beauty of fall!
'Till next time,

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