Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today I'm 3!

Today I turned three years old, and the best part of the day was being reunited with Mom and Dad since their vacation is finally over (more on that in another post). After lots of kisses and tail wagging, I got down to the business at hand, celebrating my 3rd birthday!
We started off opening the prezzies right away! I just can't control myself when I'm opening gifts. He he!
YEAH, more gifts!
Last week, while I stayed at my Grandparents, they threw me a big old doggy birthday party. Grandma got me this giant tennis ball, which I destroyed in under 30 seconds!
Wow, what is this? Doggie brew for my 21st (in dog years) birthday! Too pawsome!
Now, I love a good nip of the yummy alcohol, but Mom wouldn't let me have a whole bottle. The Doggie Brew is actually a yummy beef broth that was so delicious!!!
Here's a look at the loot I got from my party last week and what I got from Mom and Dad today. I sure did pretty well!
The best part of the birthday, the CAKE! MMMMMmmmm, cake! (yellow cake of course, no chocolate for this pup)
How can you make me wait for my piece of cake? I WANT IT NOW!
Mmmmm cake, yummmmmmm.....
A huge thank you to my pals Lenny and Molly and Taffy for their pawsome cards. Thank you so much, they made my day!

'Till next time,

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