Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mmmmm Miss Porky Chew!

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! It has finally gotten warmer around here. Today it was in the 40's!! It was finally warm enough for Mom, Dad and me to go for a run along the lakefront. We did just over three miles then I came home and crashed. I was so tired!! Since it's been so cold and snowy all week long I haven't been out for more than a quick walk around the block. It was so pawsome to get out and really stretch my legs.

Of course Mom forgot the camera, so there are no pics of my excellent running ability! She keeps promising to bring one next time, we'll see if that ever happens!

After I woke up from my post-run nap, Mom surprised me with a treat, she gave me a Miss Porky Chew! I don't care if these things have a girls name or not, they are DELICIOUS!
Can you beat a treat that is yummy and HUGE?
MMmmmm yum!
I spent some quality time chewing on this bad boy before I fell into a chew induced slumber.'Till next time,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's cold and I'm bored!

It's been so cold around here lately, high of 4 degrees on Saturday. YUCK! I've got nothing to do and I'm sooooo bored!
I'm tired of playing with all of my toys and I taken so many naps in my chair already.
Maybe I'll see what's on the counter, oh, that smells good! Nope, I'm not supposed to counter surf. Got to find something else to do...
I hung with Dad for awhile and played some video games, got a big high-five for being such a well behaved bored inside dog!
Thought I'd go check and see if Mom is working on my blog. Come on Mom, stop snapping all the pictures and WORK ON MY BLOG!
OK, OK, I'll do it myself. Hey, this blogging thing isn't so hard. Just wish I didn't hit so many keys with my paws when I type, got lots of errors found in the spell check.
I hope this keeps me entertained for a bit, when is it going to get warm?
'Till Next Time,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well, I did it again!

Don't know what it is with me and basketballs...
I just don't feel they should remain inflated...
Mmmmmm that is some good basketball
And the funny thing is that I keep eating 'em and Mom keeps on buying them. Silly, silly Mom!
Unfortunately, Mom gets me back by taking them away once I pop the ball. Just who does she think she is? Grrrrrr!

'Till next time,


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Awards, Weird Things & Durango

Thanks for stopping by, I'm trying to catch up on my blogging and responding to tags and awards. Blogger was acting up for me tonight, so no pictures, I'll try and upload some later in the week. I wanted to start out by saying THANK YOU to all the wonderful dogs that gave me the 'You Make My Day' Award! I am so honored to receive this award, so a HUGE thanks goes out to: Bogart, Lacy Lulu, The Thuglets and my new pals Poppy & Penny. You all made my day by giving me this great award!

The rules say that I am supposed to pass this award on to 10 friends, but as I got caught up on my blog reading, I saw that everyone seemed to have gotten the award already, so to any of my pals who have not received this award, I am happily passing it on to you!

Maggie and Mitch tagged me to share 7 weird things about myself, so here I go:

1) I never watch where I am going when I'm walking, so I'm constantly walking into things! (while jogging today, I ran into a parking meter!)

2) I've got jaws of steel, I have yet to meet a toy that I couldn't break or tear apart.

3) I still have very white teeth. Dad brushes them at least once a week, and each day I get a dental chew to keep my teethies looking good!

4) When I got neutered, I won the award for being the 'biggest' boy neutered that day. No kidding, my vet specifically told this to Mom and Dad, she was quite proud.

5) I love fruits and vegetables. In fact, I go crazy when Mom cuts up her veggies for the week. Just got to get some of that celery!

6) I freak out when anyone sneezes. Don't know what it is, but that sound makes me go crazy. I tuck my butt and run around in circles.

7) I'm in looove with my veterinarian, Dr. Marks. I love going to the Vet, I happily stroll in and just about run to the exam room. If I don't get to see Dr. Marks, I pout and am cranky the rest of the day. When she walks into the exam room, I jump up and lavish her with kiss after kiss! She is the best!

Before I pass this tag on, I want to see who has and hasn't been tagged just yet.

Finally, I was brought to tears when I saw that Durango, the latest addition to the brat pack had crossed the rainbow bridge. He was just a young pup that Maryann rescued from the SPCA and was diagnosed with Parvo within a few days of coming home and joining the pack. Stop by their blog and give Maryann and the rest of the Brat Pack your best. Durango was very lucky to have such a loving family even if it was for such a short time. Run fast and free with Dakota and Thrawn, Durango!!
'Till Next Time,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Agility Fun Run!

Sorry it's taken Mom and I so long to post. We wanted to show you the video from my Agility Fun Run taken just before Christmas, but Mom was having major troubles with the video upload on blogger. Finally, she loaded to You Tube. I'm just happy she finally got it loaded!

Every so often between agility sessions, if there is an upcoming holiday, my wonderful agility instructor, Stacey Hawk, organizes an Agility Fun Run. This was my first fun run, so I was quite excited. Everyone was quite proud of me when I was done as I did really well for my first time running at a new site. My classes aren't held at this location, so Stacey wasn't sure if I'd pay attention, oh, but I did!

A few explanations before you view, I wasn't supposed to do the dog walk, I was supposed to do the tunnel again. The dog walk at my school is only a foot high, I've never been on a dog walk that was full size, but I was so pumped, I just kept going and did just fine! (Note: on my second run, I fell off the dog walk. Got a bit too cocky and went too fast!) And at the very end are the weave poles. I haven't been trained on those yet, so my teachers were just trying to get me to walk straight through to get comfortable, but since when does an Airedale actually listen to what others are telling them?

I hope you enjoy my video, I know I enjoyed running the course. Oh, please ignore Mommy's commentary. Apparently she forgot that the voices get recorded too. Silly Mommy!

'Till Next Time,

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