Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Today, I woke up to SNOW! I couldn't believe it, didn't spring already start? Should it look like a blizzard outside my window? No, I don't think so. Mom decided with the weather being yucky, we would share some pictures of last weekend, when the weather was NICE!

Last weekend the temperatures were in the 60's, so we decided to take a walk along Lake Michigan. I like to walk along the wall and look down at the water. Wish it was nice enough to go swimming.
What do you mean that I can't jump down and swim? I want to go swimming now!
At the halfway point, I decided to rest. Can't beat the views or all the other doggies who were out for walkies too.
OK, I'm ready to head back now. Maybe we could get a snack on our way home?
So, Mom and Dad did stop and get a snack on the way home. They got ice cream, and DIDN'T share with me. Mom said it was due to something about me needing to lose weight. Grrrrr. Look at how Dad was teasing me. Sigh, life just isn't fair.
I'm hoping today was the very last snow for the year. I can't wait until it is nice and warm and I can go swimming and get to eat ice cream! Hope you all had a nice weekend!
'Till next time,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Lucky Kirby
Glitter Graphics
Wishing you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day. Now, let's all go and drink some GREEN BEER!

'Till next time,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I met Keeley!

This weekend, I was invited to the birthday party of our very own Keeley! Not only was this my first time meeting Keeley, but it was my first time meeting a fellow DWB member. Woot woot!! I was a bit nervous when I arrived. Keeley had a whole bunch of friends there and I was hoping we would all get along...which we did! Keeley and I got along great! We played a whole bunch and had many bitey face matches. Ahhh, good times!

After a few hours outside playing, we all came in to eat and have cake. Well, the humans had cake and us dogs had super pawsome cookies! Then Keeley opened his presents. He sure scored a bunch of great toys and treats!! Below, we are all getting treats from Keeley's girl, Erin. Mmmm, treats!
Every dog got a goodie bag to take home, here's a picture of mine below. If you notice, my snout is in the bottom corner. I was trying to sneak a bite while Mom was busy taking the picture. He he!
After a day of fun and birthday games and the long drive to and from Milwaukee, I was pooped. I slept the whole ride home and the rest of the evening. Today, I'm still a bit tired too. It was one great party!
Thank you for including me in your pawty Keeley! I had a blast! I can't wait to meet you again in the fur!! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

'Till next time,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hanging with my pals

Dad has been backing up our computer and in the process 'lost' the latest photos of yours truly. So, this will be a photo-less post. I've had a busy couple of days with a bunch of my friends visiting. Last week, my new pal Tess came for a visit. Tess is being fostered by one of my Dad's friends. She is up for adoption at PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter. If you are from Chicago or nearby, check out their site, there are a ton of great doggies (and kitties) there that need good homes. In fact, Oprah just adopted her new dog from PAWS last week! Tess came over to play and socialize, and I was up for that! We ran and barked and played bitey face forever. I would say Tess is well socialized and may behave even better than myself! She will make someone a great dog!
Here's me and Tess tearing up the house. This little lady can play!

Isn't Tess cute?

Then, on Friday, Mom and Dad had some of our neighbors over for dinner and they all brought their pooches. Frank, the Basset Hound and Glenda the yellow Lab came for a night 'o' fun! We all ran around and acted crazy. Frank got up on the coffee table and stole some cheese and sausage...twice! Mom treated us all to some St. Patricks Day themed cookies and bones which we LOVED! We all played 'till we all passed out, the sign of a great outing.
Me and Glenda hanging out and hoping (OK I'm hoping) some pizza falls our way.

Hopefully Dad will get the pictures moved back onto the pooter, so you can all see my great friends! Once he fixes it, I'll post the pics.

'Till next time,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My heart goes out to Lulu and Bogart

Hi Friends, today I'm feeling sad, as I've just learned that Bogart's dad, Klaus passed away. Mom has been trying to explain that despite all of our prayers, sometimes God has other plans. This has been a hard lesson, one that Mom admits that she doesn't always understand. I can only hope that Lulu, Bogart and their kitties find peace in the days ahead.

'Till next time,

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