Friday, December 12, 2008

Airecuts aren't worth it!

So, Stanley recently asked if I was going to get an Airecut before I headed down to Florida with Mom and Dad, and funny he asked, cuz yesterday, I got groomed.

Now, I have to warn all you doggies out there not to misbehave when you are on the grooming table. Apparently, I must have been thrashing about when I was on the table and hooked onto the grooming loop. I was fine when I went home, but late last night I began to feel some pain and I cried out and went to Mom for help. Mom had no clue what to do, every time she touched my head/neck area I would yelp and cry. She took off my collar and bandanna to ease the pain on my neck and then called the Emergency Vet. They felt if she could settle me in for the night, I would not need to visit them, but they did recommend a trip to my regular vet in the AM. So, at midnight, I still would not fall asleep. I was so tired that my eyes were shutting, but each time I put my head down it hurt SO BAD! Finally, I just fell asleep.

First thing this morning, Mom rushed me off to my most favorite vet in the whole world, Dr. Marks! Dr. Marks knew something was wrong right away. Normally, I would jump all over her and slobber kisses on her face, but all she got was a bit of a tail wag. I was examined and then given TWO SHOTS! OWWWW!!!! Dr. Marks felt that I most likely had injured the soft tissue around my neck when I was on the table and this was causing all of my discomfort. So, she gave me a muscle relaxer and and anti-inflammatory to take until Sunday. When I left her office, my tail was back up and I was acting more like myself again.

So, no rough play for me this weekend, no running or being crazy, no, me the dog who gets hurt at the groomers has to rest. All this just so I could smell nice and clean up my hair....If you ask me, it's just not worth it!

'till next time,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Photo Time

Sorry, I've been so absent from blogging. Mom has been so busy lately, she's had no time to blog for me, but she has been reading and keeping me up to date on what you've all been up to. Apparently, getting all the Christmas cards out into the mail and doing all the Christmas shopping has been keeping her super busy. Plus, we are getting ready to go on a vacation. we are heading down to Florida for almost three weeks! So, Mom's been making lists of everything that we will all need. Note that I said what we will all need, since we are driving down, I get to come too! Wooo hooo!! Mom is going to take tons of pictures on the trip, so I will FORCE her to blog all about it.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Dad's sister, my Aunt Nadya and her family came in from Saint Louis and we did a family photo session. Below are some of the pictures that Aunt Nadya took, and I think they came out pretty good!

Here's me with my most favorite people in the whole wide world, Mom and Dad!
Here's the whole family. I was not behaving so Mom had to keep me somewhat calm. He he!
When I still wouldn't behave, we had a very Deetz like talkin' to. That is no fun! I couldn't help it, there was deer poop everywhere, and that stuff smells SO GOOD!
Here's me with my cousins, Daniel, Steven and Keersten.
And here is a shot of (if I do say so myself) one good looking Airedale!

I promise to make Mom blog on a more consistent basis. I can't let her think she's in control....

'Till next time,


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