Sunday, September 28, 2008

PAWS Walk 2008

Thank you to all of my friends who expressed concerns over my leg and x-rays tomorrow. I'm not in any pain, none at all! My agility instructor didn't like how I was not jumping correctly, and wanted me evaluated before they pursued an aggressive jumping regimen for me. As long as my x-rays tomorrow are clean, I'll do a bit of water therapy to strengthen my lesser used hind leg and I should be better than ever in no time! Now, onto the fun from today!!

Today was the PAWS 'Run For Their Lives' 4K walk. We got to the park nice and early and checked out all of the vendors booths and got some free goodies. Got to love Petco and their free Frisbees!
There were over 4,000 runners and walkers, so it was WAY crowded. The start of the run was delayed, so that pushed back the walk start, so needless to say, there was lots and lots of waiting.
Still waiting. When is this walk gonna get going? I guess, I can waste some time sniffing the other dogs around me!
Finally, we are off and walking. In the past, we've gotten stuck in the back of the pack and couldn't go very fast, so we were right in front this year and were moving at a great pace!
Wooo hooo! This is great. I love the course they had planned, as it is my usual lakefront run course, so I was very familiar with it. Oh, Mom dressed me in my Cubs bandanna for the day. Dad says that I've got to represent. Go Cubbies!
When we finished the walk, we hit the food tent. While Mom and Dad gorged on delicious looking Krispy Kremes and Ann Sather cinnamon rolls (if you are ever in Chicago, you must have one of these, so yummy)! Since I am on a weight loss program, there was no yummers for me. Only some banana, oh boy.

We made our way back to the vendor tents to see if we missed anything, and guess who I saw? It is my most favorite Veterinarian in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Dr. Marks! And she had her super pawsome pug with her. His name is Clyde and he is super, super cool! Clyde and I were having a blast playing. Clyde is a tough little dude and let me tell you, he was wailing on me. Those little pooches are mighty strong! I had a great time playing with you Clyde, I'm sending licks out to you bud!
Of course, I had to get a picture with the greatest vet ever! Dr. Marks, I'll give you tons of kisses when I see you tomorrow!
It was a wonderful day. Plenty of dogs, lots of cat owners representing their kitties with buttons with their pictures, and some treats (not too many though). Best of all, over $277,000.00 was raised to help the homeless dogs of Chicago. Mom especially likes helping PAWS, since they are a no-kill shelter. Thank you to all of our friends and family that helped to support our walk today. 100% of your donations went to PAWS!! WOOO HOOOO!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are in for a even better week ahead!

'till next time,



Asta said...

Congwatulations on pawticipating in such a wondewful cause..I'm glad you had a good time doing it
FAntastic! Wesults
smoochie kisses

Noah the Airedale said...

What a great cause. So glad you got to go along and what a bonus you got to see Dr Marks....woo hoo.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome walk and for a good cause. :)

~ Girl girl

Gucci said...

"aggressive jumping regimen"???

I don't know if that sounds fun or scary! :X


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun walkie and for a good cause! That's awesome that so much money was raised!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Congrats on doing such a pawsome job for PAWS! It looks like you had a really great time! We hope your visit to Dr. Marks goes well!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Niamh said...

Wow Kirby! That was great that you helped them raise so much money to help homeless animals. And it looks like you had a fun time too. Good luck with the x-rays.

Your friend,

erin said...

Sounds like that was a really cool event, Kirby! You are such a good dog! My girl sometimes thinks that she'd like to participate in stuff like that with me, but then she remembers how badly that I walk. Oh well.
PS I'm so glad to hear that you're a democrat dog!

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