Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year to all my friends!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of my wonderful friends, hooman, doggy, kitty, hammie and everything else a very Happy New Year! May the year ahead be filled with health happiness and lots of treats!!! Thank you to each and everyone of my friends for making 2007 such a special year for me. I'm hoping 2008 is even better! Have a fun and safe New Years!

'Till Next Time,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a Christmas!

So, Christmas morning I woke up nice and early, I was quite eager to see what Santa Paws had brought. Mom was adamant I go outside first, so I had to sit and wait for her to get ready before we could head outside. Boy, I've never been in such a hurry to get back inside!
Once we were back inside, I got a good look at our tree and all the gifts that Santa Paws brought for ME! Mom and Dad didn't do gifts for each other this year, so all those gifts under the tree are all for ME!
Here's a closer look at all of my loot. Mom wrapped most of the edible treats as she knew I would be willing to open those. The rest stayed unwrapped as I tend to eat the paper while I unwrap! He he!! Don't mind my deflated basketball. Dad pumped it up the next day.
I being a true foodie, headed right towards the oh so yummy rawhide's! They may be wrapped, but I know what's under that paper!
Mmmmmm, candy cane shaped rawhide, now that puts me in the spirit of the season!
Ooohhh, Bully Sticks! I just love those!
Hmmm, what else do I want to sink my teeth into? What's this everlasting treat thingy?
One of my not so exciting gifts was a new dog bed for our living room. This one has a removable cover, so Mom can wash it when it gets all icky. As you can see, I've already had a bone or two on the new bed.
Once we were done unwrapping at home, we cleaned up and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I immediately charged the tree, trying to find my gifts. I kept grabbing gifts marked for Spencer which left Spence not so happy with me. Ooopps! Grandma helped me out and made sure the gifts I opened were just for me. Wow, this is one huge beef knuckle!
Anything else under there for me? Anything with for Kirby on the tag? Anything??????
Before we ate dinner, Dad, Uncle John, Spencer and I went outside to play with Dad's remote control car. He loves to mess with Spencer and I with that car! It drives me crazy, it zips up and hits my legs and doesn't back down when I bark at it!
Spencer and I were both barking like crazy at the car, so of course we had to wrassle with one another a bit too!
Spencer is much braver than I am, he quietly stalked the car and then grabbed it. He's one tough doggie!
Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's is a major dogapalooza. Not only are Spencer and I there, but Mom's uncle brings his two Huskies, Bailey and Stormy. Here is Stormy with her brother, Rich. Stormy and I have the BEST time together. We wrassle and play bitey face non stop.
After all that fun and food, I was wiped out and settled down for a Christmas nap. Mom said I slept the whole ride home, just like a little puppy!
I hope all my dog, cat and hammie friends all had a wonderful Christmas. I'm so grateful that we all are loved and have warm homes to spend the holidays in. Merry Christmas to you all! Now, we should get going, Mom has to sew up some of the stuffies that I got yesterday. I performed some emergency surgery. He he he!
'Till Next Time,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowy Sunday

Hi friends, so we're still playing catch up around here. Mom says this time of year there just isn't enough time to get everything done. I feel that doesn't mean my blog should get the shaft though. Mom says she's busy finishing up Christmas things. I won't get too angry as I saw several rawhide's make their way into the house, so I guess I should play nice!
Big news for all my fellow dogs in the US, your holiday cards are on their way! Mom has had them finished for over a week, but she's been waiting on the special return address labels she ordered just for me. Well, they never showed up, so Mom got mad and just made her own and the cards were then mailed off. Sorry for the delay, you all should be getting them real soon!

So, the most wonderful thing began yesterday, it started to SNOW! I'm in my full on furry coat stage, so the cold and snow do not bother me at all! When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and I saw a world of fresh powder snow!! Since the snow is oh so lovely, I had to have several walks in it. The best one was this afternoon, I played for well over an hour!
We headed over to a nearby school with a big open lot so I could do some romping. I did a lot of roaching (yes, Stanley, snow roaching is the BEST) digging and just had lots of fun.
Mom and Dad were laughing at my beard, it was coated with snow. Dad said I looked like a lion. He he he! I kept snapping at the loose pieces of snow that dangled from my beard.
Next to the school, I spied a family making a snowman and doing some sledding, since I'm a fan of kids, I headed over to check them out. When I got there, guess what??? Their own Airedale, Lucy ran over to greet me. Imagine that another Airedale in the neighborhood, WOW!
This is Lucy. She is 12 years old, but acts so much younger than that. Mom and Dad said they couldn't believe she was 12 as she was a silly fool just like me! Isn't she a cutie. As Bogie would say, Hubba Hubba!

Lucy and I had a great time playing together. She still loves to play bitey face and chase, so I was sooo in my element!
I had so much fun playing with Lucy, her Mom and Dad, baby brother and little sister. We even helped them finish off their snowman.
I originally stole the carrot nose from the snowman, but Dad made me put it back, but once Lucy's little siblings were done with the snowman her Mom said we could have at it, you don't need to tell me twice. I went for the brussel sprout eyes immediately, while Lucy followed up with the carrot nose.
Since I'm food obsessive, I was after Lucy's carrot as soon as I finished off my brussel sprout. Lucy put up a good fight, but you can bet the minute she put the carrot down, I swooped in and took it for myself.

What a great snowy Sunday. I'm off to nap, all that playing really tired me out!

'Till next time,


Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing Catch Up Again

So, Mom had to go on another business trip last week, so now we are playing catch up (again).

I'm honored that my lovely pal Putter has awarded me this Golden Rose. Thank you so much Putter. I am so excited that you would think of me!!

I would like to pass it on to my pals Bogart, Faya and Keeley! You guys and girl are great friends, thank you for being such wonderful blogging pals!!

Now, on to other business, we've been tagged quite a few times already, so here we go:

Maggie & Mitch and Happy all tagged me to share with you seven annoyances that I have.

1) I hate when Mom and Dad put me in the way back of the car. Who do they think they are leaving the middle seat up between us?

2) When my bowl is empty I'm not a happy camper.

3) I get quite annoyed when the vacuum makes an appearance. I bark, I paw, I bite at it, yet it keeps on going!

4) I hate waiting to get my Christmas presents. Mom has them all boxed up in the office and I'm not supposed to sniff or peak. What's a dog to do?

5) I do not like to get humped by other dogs. I don't hump other dogs (just my giant stuffed toys!), so why should I get humped?

6) I get annoyed when other dogs won't play with me. I love to play and just can't understand why they don't wanna play too.

7) My biggest annoyance is the word NO. I hear it far too often and it usually means bad things.

Molly & Taffy and Lenny all tagged me to share eight random facts about myself:

1) I was born in Kaukauna, WI, but moved to Chicago at 7 weeks old. No Packer fan here, I'm a proud Chicago Bears dog!

2) I had a rough first year. I had pneumonia, e-coli, panosteitis and several other issues. No problems, I'm all good now!

3) I wasn't supposed to go to my Mom and Dad. I was promised to another man, but he switched jobs and felt he couldn't care for a puppy, so Mom and Dad were moved up on the waiting list, and were invited to come and get me!

4) I rarely bark. I'm more of a whiner and crier. Only when I'm really excited do I bark.

5) I'm known as the class clown in my agility class. I could be perfect all class then do something so silly, everyone bursts our laughing.

6) I'm known as a bit of a chunky monkey. I lose a few pounds then I gain them back. I'm a food loving dog!

7) I'm the only dog in my condo building. I have to go up and down the street to find my neighborhood pals!

8) I love my Mommy the most! Dad may be home with me everyday and take me on the majority of my walks, but I'm a mommas boy through and through. I wait at the door each day for her to come home!

I have no clue who has and hasn't been tagged, so if you haven't feel free to share!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Giant Cone from Bogart!

Bogart, your package arrived today! I was so excited when Dad brought it in, but nooo, I had to wait till Mom got home he said. WHATEVER!
Once Mom got in the door, I was all over her. She couldn't get her coat off fast enough. I was barking grab the camera let's rip this baby open! Mom gave me the package to sniff for awhile, and I nibbled, but I knew the real treat was inside the box.
Mom helped slice the tape open since my eating the tape wasn't going very well, and nestled deep inside the box was my very own GIANT PINE CONE!
I didn't know which to pull out of the box first, the cone or the delightful paper nestling it in the box. I love to eat both! Mom handed me the cone, and I ran off with it to my bed (where I take my most prized possessions!)
At my bed the chewing began!
Giant pine cones make for some good chewing. I would break off a piece here and there, but there always seemed to be so much more left on the cone.
I got cozy and really started in on the cone. I licked, I bit and I chomped!
Mom tried to take the cone away and I was having done of that! I pulled it back to my bed so I could continue my chewing odyssey.
Look at those eyes. I am so serious about this cone. Bogie really knows what he's doing, cones rock! And boy can that 'dale pick a seriously HUGE cone!
Thank you Bogart for sending me this piece of L.A. heaven! You are so sweet and generous. This really made my day (if not week, month or year)! Remember anything you want from Chi-town, just ask. I highly recommend the deep dish pizza. It is oh so yummy, but not as yummy as my giant cone. I'm off to continue my chewing.
'Till next time,

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Snowing!

Yesterday, Mom Dad and I went outside to put up the garland outside of our building (Mom volunteered us, don't know why?) And, once we got outside, guess what? It had begun to SNOW, that's right the white stuff was coming down and sticking!!

To ensure I behaved myself while they worked on the garland, I was tethered to the fence. So, I sat and watched the snow fall gently down. Oh, I forgot how cold the sidewalk can be when it's snowing. Brrrrrr, good thing I'm sporting my furry coat.
While Mom and Dad discussed how to place the garland, I decided to help. What can I say, I'm a good little helper dog. Mmmmmm garland tastes GOOD!
Mom was not happy with my 'helping', so I was moved inside the fence to keep me away from the garland. As Mom and Dad finished up, the snow really started to come down. Look how it was coating my fur so quickly!
Mom and Dad hurried up and finished their work and we all ran back inside where it was nice and warm. Ahhh, hope you all get to enjoy some snow, but stay warm and cozy!

'Till next time,

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