Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet Gaia and fun at the park!

Hi Friends,

I had a new blogger stop by my site and wanted to introduce you all to Gaia! Gaia just started her blogging career, so please stop by her site and welcome her to the blogging world. I've passed on the DWB link, so she can join the greatest group of Dogs ever! Welcome Gaia, isn't she just a cutie!
On to other news, after last weeks heatwave here in the windy city, the temperature finally cooled down and I was able to be comfortable again. Of course, Mom had me shaved down, so I'm all nekkid now. He he!! Since it was so nice out, Mom and Dad took me to my local dog park, Puptown.
I brought along my own ball, as I have issues with tennis balls that aren't mine. Sometimes I'll play with them, sometimes I won't. To be sure I'll play, Mom brings one of my own. Dad and I love to play fetch, it's just too bad I don't like to give the ball back after I've fetched.
Super exciting news, I kept hearing my name over and over and would come running back to Mom and Dad, who looked surprised to see me. You wanna know why, cuz there was ANOTHER Kirby at the park! This handsome fella is also Kirby. How cool is that? We had a great time chasing one another and just being silly Kirby's. If you noticed his packs, so did my very nosy Mom. Kirby is just skinny enough to sneak through one gap in the fence bars that is a bit bigger than all the rest. So, after chasing Kirby around Lake Shore Drive (VERY DANGEROUS), Kirby's parents now put the packs on with some light towels in the pockets to make him wide enough not to escape. This is Brady. We had a great time jumping and playing bitey face. When Brady come over to sniff, I had to look twice as I thought he was my neighbor pal, Doolin. All in all, it was a great day at the park!
After searching through all my pictures, Mom couldn't find any real scary eyes shots for Deetz's Scary Eyes Contest. So, we dug up this shot of my first and last at home bath. Needless to say, I am cursing Mom and Dad for their crazy idea of bathing me at home. Now, I have professionals do t, or at least get to go to a bath place that has the proper equipment. Deetz, I hope this is good enough. Guess a sweetie like me doesn't get scary too often. He he!!
I hope everyone got a chance to take part in the Dogs With Blogs 2nd Anniversary Chat Pawty. Mom and I checked it out. We didn't say much, but loved just listening (or reading) what everyone had to say. We are so happy and grateful that there is Dogs With Blogs. It is a great home for all of us blogging dogs, cats, hammies etc...

'Till next time,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Look who's back and blogging!

Hi Friends! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. Trust me, it wasn't intentional. The day Mom took me to the vet (see last post), I wouldn't get into the car, so Mom had to throw my 64 pound body into the back of our SUV, in the process, she strained her back...BAD. Man, Mom was in major, major pain. Her hopes of it feeling better the next day were wrecked and she cried her way through the weekend. Things didn't start getting better 'till mid-week when her doctor gave her vickey-din and muscle relaxers. It took nearly a week for her to start feeling normal. So, I've spent LOTS of time hanging out with Dad lately. We've done all kinds of guy things, like:

cruising around looking for some cute ladies for me

adding some new tricks to my repertoire, still haven't mastered the treat on nose trick, I'm just too anxious to stay still
and nothing beats being rewarded with an oh-so-yummy carrot cupcake for doing good work!
I hope you all have been well, I'll try to make my rounds this week. Mom swears that she won't hurt her back again and make me miss out on so much blogging. Although she said she'd take the meds again. He he!!

'Till next time,


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Going to the vet

What's that you say Mom, we're off to the vet? I must say that I'm usually much more excited about going to the vet, but I had just wanted Oprah's puppy mill episode, so I was a bit bummed out. All those poor dogs. Sigh. I was excited about one part of the show, the vet's office where the doggie was neutered is where I go! I've never worked with Dr. Rubin, but I hear he is top notch. Well, let's load in Mom!

Ah yes, the wait. I try to remain calm and well behaved waiting for my most favorite vet ever! Mom remembered to bring her treats this time, so if I was well behaved I would get a few treats!
Anything exciting over there? I noticed the charts were tucked far back. They must have known I'd be in today. A few visits back, I ate a few pages of my chart. Ooops, I've got a thing for paper, what can I say? Oooh, I see some treats in the jar back there too. Yummers!
Fine Mom, I'll sit and be a NICE dog for you, OK? Is this good enough? I'm about to burst with excitement, where is my doctor?
AT LAST! There she is, my most favorite person outside of my family. This is Dr. Marks, I know I've featured her before, but I feel she needs more blog space. I never mind going to the vet as long as I get to see Dr. Marks. No shot or treatment can make me angry with her. Mom and I had a great visit with her. We discussed what I've been up to and the possibility of me getting a sister dog (Mom & Dad have been inspired by Keeley getting a sister pup). Nothing is decided, but at least they're discussing it. So, all in all it was a great visit.
Thank you, Dr. Marks, for providing me with THE BEST care! I just LOVE you!!!

'Till next time,


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