Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aunt Amy & the basketball

Aahhh, time to play catch up. So, Mom filled you in on her business trip (aka: abandoning Kirby) and she deeply apologized for not blogging or visiting other blogs while she was gone. We're now all caught up with the quality Kirby time and I have been spoiled for the last few days, so it's time to get back to business.

A few weeks ago, Mom's best friend and fellow dog lover, my Aunt Amy came for a visit. This was the first time I've actually met Aunt Amy, but we've talked on the phone several times. I had to smother Amy with slobbery kiss after kiss. She was lavished with Kirby love over and over. Poor Aunt Amy, she's not used to a big dog jumping all over her. She has a Chihuahua named Spanky, and he's just a wee little guy. Aunt Amy tried to teach me a few of her favorite ticks, but I just wanted the treats. Hey, what can I say, I'm quite food obsessed! Over the weekend I decided to work on my basketball. See, over the last year or so, I've 'taken care' of several balls that Mom and Dad have given me. The cute play ball, kick ball, soccer ball, volleyball and several others have met their demise in my jaws. Then Mom brought home the basketball. Well folks, I thought this was my Everest. No amount of gnawing, chewing or licking could get me teeth into that ball. So, I decided to bide my time and let the air slowly sneak out of the ball, and waited till it was just slightly deflated. Then, I pounced! I could finally get my jaws around part of the ball and with consistent gnawing I did it. There was a slip of my tooth and then a satisfying pop and hiss. Then my old friend, my nemesis the basketball slowly began to collapse. All that remained was a sad slumped up ball, which Mom promptly threw away. Apparently she feels that I will eat the carcass of the ball. Whatever!! Now, the ball is gone and I'm starting to check out my giant tennis ball. Perhaps it too will go the way of the basketball.
Oh, and good news, I heard Mom and Dad talking about getting me a new basketball this weekend. Oh boy! Another toy to destroy! Yum Yum!!

'Till Next Time,


Asta said...

I wish we could have gotten some of that aiwelove and kisses( I mean my Mommi and I)
youw aunt Amy looks nice though and I'm suwe she succumbed to youw chawmes!
Gweat job on the basketball! That's a weal challenge, you did so well!
smoochie kisses, hope you get a new one!

Aniemother said...

Well done, Kirby!

the WriggleButts

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i wonder can ur basketball bounce?

Mojo said...

Lucky Amy gets Kirbykisses! Now she knows what she's been missing!

Tip from my mum: she grew up with a Jack Russell that could destroy any ball, large or small. Then they gave her the flotation ball from a toilet cistern. Toughest danged ball she ever met!


Maggie & Mitch said...

Great job on the basketball, Kirby! I've only popped one so far and I'm a whole lot older than you are!

Love ya lots,

Molly and Taffy said...

Hmmmm. we have never had a basket ball. They look challenging, could well be another thing for our Christmas list.

Molly and Taffy

Stanley said...

Kirby, even though you're bigger than a Chihuahua, love translates anywhere. Good thing you filled your Aunt Amy up with some good old Kirby love!

Ahhh, yes. The basketball. Mine is still in the backyard, and I too, am waiting for the day it begins to deflate. Until that time I have a stuffy basketball (life-sized) that I use for my stuffy therapy sessions.

Since I lost the 2 most important balls in my life prior to coming to GooberStan, I have ordered that in the name of proper ball respect, no ball may be thrown away or discarded... no matter WHAT!

Hope your new b-ball arrives soon!

Goober love,

FleasGang said...

Bring on the Beach Ball!

The FleasGang :-)

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Kirby,
Don't you like to just throw the ball around even though it's popped?? We would. Tell your Mama to let you try it while she supervises of course to make sure you don't chew & swallow any bits. It's fun to play fetch even though there's no air in a ball.
Have a good week!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Harry said...

I too say give me treats, |'m not a performing seal!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Caz said...

Lucky aunty Amy I bet she loved the kirbsters love. What a name for a chincilla spanky.why did she call it spanky.They call me spanky bots when then have stripped my bum as caz cant help but patted it.
I love to do that with my tennis balls to and then walk round with a half tennis ball on the end of my nose. Balls are made to be popped.


Lenny said...

Hey Kirby - nice job! Maybe you should work for the Chicago Bulls. They could change it to the Chicago 'Dales.

Your friend, Lenny

Lacy said...

woofies Kirby!!! heehee u madeded short work of dat ball...Bear dos dat too, dey finally gots him a toy wiff two tennis balls on either sides wiff a rope in dat middle, so far he not killeded it...me hopies dey get u a new ones soons...

b safe,

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Yo...Kirby....Poker Friday nite...Girls are allowed against my better judgement...um...it's ur turn to bring the beer....


Sunshade said...

WOW!! Basketball star Kirby!!! Have you tried soccer??? YOu can join Team AIRE to!!!

ps. thank you thank you for the warm welcom, we missed all of you guys tooooooooo!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Noah the Airedale said...

Good job Kirby. That ball had it coming!

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Ferndoggle said...

Sweet work on the basketball! You've got some jaws of steel, Kirbs.


Putter said...


Nicest ever work on that basketball!!!!!! I am a master at such things too! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Hercules said...


It would be pretty cool if you lived closer to Kansas City though! Then you could play with Stanley, Stella and most importantly, ME!


Hercules said...


It would be pretty cool if you lived closer to Kansas City though! Then you could play with Stanley, Stella and most importantly, ME!


jaffeboy said...

Wow, some really sharp fangs you have there Kirb buddy.

I can see why you were so focus on Aunt Amy. Actually I think you were focus on the treat in her hand, weren't you... hehehe...

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