Friday, September 14, 2007

My Family (the dog side)

I am the first dog for my mom and dad. Mom mad dad promise that when they got married that they would eventually get a dog, and three long years later, I came along!

Yet before I was even an option, there was a long line of dogs (especially airedales!) that were part of my moms life. My mom grew up in a 'dog' family. She says she really can't remember a time in her life where there wasn't a dog running around in their house.

Mom's first dog was part of the family before she was, his name was Bouncer and he was a Cockapoo. Bouncer was a great who lived for 16 wonderful years. Grandma always says that if Bouncer hadn't of been such a good dog, the string of airedales that followed him would never have existed.

In Bouncer's upper years, Grandma and Grandpa decided to help a friend out who was having trouble selling their airedale puppies (I know, this can't be true!) and Skipper came home. Skipper was the ultimate family dog. He was well behaved, loving and an all around perfect dog. Skipper was with moms family for four short, but loved years before an immune defficiency got the best of him.

After Skippers passing, Grandma and Grandpa didn't know what to do, but mom and Uncle John begged for another dog, so along came Sabastian. Sabastian was a sassy momma's boy, who managed to charm everyone he met. He was a true airedale through and through meaning, he was as stubborn as, well, as I am. Sadly, like Skipper, Sabby was only with moms family for four short years before he too passed away.

Before Sabastian's passing, grandma and grandpa adopted an airedale whose owner had recently passed away and needed a home. Samantha was welcomed into moms house and was spoiled as she was the first female dog they had ever had. Samantha was first and foremost a lady who loved her family. When grandma and grandpa moved to the country, Sammy became the ultimate country dog who loved to visit with the horses next door. Sammy passed away a few years ago from the all too often airedale afflction, lymphoma, but her wonderful behavior is still spoken of today.

Savannah was adopted from ATRA, Airedale Rescue. She was the ultimate spitfire of grandma and grandpa's dogs. She came to their house snarling and biting, but with love and proper care, the beast was tamed, and Savannah became a model airedale. Vanny crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this summer after 15 amazing years. I was happy that I was able to meet her, and while she didn't want to puppy play with me, Savannah always knew when to stand with her family.

See how cute Savannah was. She wore her party hats so well, and I ripped them off of her so fast.

Now, grandma and grandpa just have Spencer. I just love Spencer, but mom says Spence feels the verdict is still out on me. Perhaps I'm still too much puppy for him. I just love to go over to grandmas and follow Spencer anywhere he goes. As you can see in the pictures below, I think everything he does is just great! No matter how much I bark, he just won't play with me!
Here I am following Spencer around the backyard, no matter where he went, I was all over that doggie!
Finally, Spencer gives in and shows me around his lake.
Got to nap just like the big boys.

So, as you can see, I am following a spectacular group of dogs and have a lot to live up to. Mom says that she's confident I'm up to the task, and will make all the dogs who have gone before me proud. Mom, I sure hope you're right!

'Till next time,


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Maggie & Mitch said...

Tell your mom that she has nothing to worry about! You'll make us all proud, Kirby! You're an Airedale! How neat that there have been so many Airedales in your mom's life! She's very lucky!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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