Thursday, September 20, 2007


When I feel like getting out and having a good time, I have mom or dad take me over to Puptown. Puptown is my local DFA (Dog Friendly Area), which basically means dog park! I love going to Puptown, it is always filled with dogs of all sizes, and I always have so much fun. Tonight, Dad took me to the park, where I met up with my pal Lucky. Lucky lives down the street from me, and just like me, heads to Puptown for play, play and more play.

Lucky and I just can't get enough of one another.
After so much play, I need to take a break and get some water. The dog parks in Chicago come with 'dog sized' water fountains, which I'm a huge fan of. In case of emergency, mom and dad did teach me how to use the human sized fountain as well, but I'm partial to the pup sized version.
When the weather is warmer, there is a sprinkler set up to help keep the pups cool. It has taken me all summer long, to get comfortable with walking up to the sprinkler, but now I loooove it! Nothing beats a drink straight from the source.
To fully cool myself down, I often need to lay in the puddle the sprinkler makes. Mom and dad get mad when I drink from the puddle, but I try to sneak a lick or two when they're not looking. He he!

After I've rested up and drank my fill of water, it's back to playing. This little guy looks like he'll be fun!
'Till next time,



Maggie & Mitch said...

Puptown looks like a blast! Are yout trying to shove that Bulldog in the puddle?? hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

Puptown looks GWeat! and how civilized to have youw own fountain! I would expect no less fwom a gweat town like Chik-Ago...It's nice to see you have such a gweat time,but make suwe you get plenty of west so you can weally wun awound at my pawty!
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...


What part of Chicago is Puptown in? It looks like a cool place to me.

You and Lucky look like you're dancing together! And, the tiny pup looks like a little porker. I'm partial to the small pups, myself.

Hey, enjoy that sprinkler while you can, man!

Are you going to Lola & Penny's disco pawty Sat night? If you need a ride I've got the GooberStan Pawty Bus all gassed up & ready to go!

Goob love,

Kirby said...

Stanley- Puptown is on the northside of the city. It is just off of Lake Shore Drive, which like its name runs the shore of Lake Michigan. It's my favorite dog park in the city. It's also only ten minutes from my house.


Bogart said...

Aw that's cute... I like the photo of you laying in the water sprinkler!!!


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